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What new applications does USB 3.0 enable?

In a nutshell, any high-bandwidth device that works with USB 2.0 will become better if updated with USB 3.0 support. At the moment, devices that tax the throughput of USB 2.0 include external hard drives, video capture, webcams, video adapters, multi-channel audio interface and last but not least, Blu-ray burners. High end flash drives can also push USB 2.0 pretty hard, and oftentimes if multiple devices are connected via hub, throughput will suffer.
USB 3.0 opens up the laneways and provides more headroom for devices to deliver a better overall user experience. Where USB video was barely tolerable previously (both from a maximum resolution, latency, and video compression perspective), it's easy to imagine that with 5 to 10 times the bandwidth available, USB video solutions should work that much better. Single-link DVI requires almost 2Gbps throughput. Where 480Mbps was limiting, 4.8Gbps is more than promising. At such speed, the standard will find its way into some products that previously weren't USB territory, like external RAID storage systems.


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